About Sidhpur Foundation History

Sidhpur Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organization registered in the United States of America (USA). Sidhpur Foundation was founded by Dr. Karimbhai M. Maredia and Dr. Mywish K. Maredia on August 22, 1997 with a small fee of U.S $22.50 registered under the laws of the State of Michigan in the United States of America. Since February 1998, the Foundation maintains the tax-exempt status under the 501(c)(3) code of the Internal Revenue Service of USA.

The Sidhpur Foundation operation began in August 1997 in the basement of home of Dr. Karimbhai M. Maredia and Dr. Mywish K. Maredia at: 2710 Groesbeck Avenue, Lansing, Michigan, USA. In the year 2000, an office was rented in Lansing, Michigan at: 416 Frandor Avenue # 102, Lansing, Michigan 48912, USA. The Head Office of the Foundation was maintained in Michigan until 2014. With the large concertation of Sidhpur community living and settled in Texas, to better serve the Sidhpur community, in 2014, the operation of Sidhpur Foundation was relocated from Lansing, Michigan to Houston, Texas, USA. The Head office of Sidhpur Foundation is currently located at 800 Bonaventure Way, Suite# 162, Sugar Land, TX 77479, USA.

Since inception in 1997, the Foundation has been implementing educational and community development programs to improve the educational status and quality of life of communities originating from Sidhpur, Gujarat region of India currently living in several countries around the world. Sidhpur Foundation programs are supported through the generous donations from more than 275 donors from Sidhpur community and other organizations. The Sidhpur Foundation is governed by the voluntary Board of Trustees. The Foundation operation, programs and activities are coordinated and implemented through the Head Office in Sugarland-Houston, Texas, USA under the direction and supervision of the voluntary Board of Directors and with active support from numerous dedicated volunteers from Sidhpur community. The day-to-day activities and operation are implemented by a Program Officer and an Office Manager. Through the professional support of an accounting firm (ALG Tax Solutions), the Foundation has fulfilled the fiscal and legal requirements of non-profit organizations and the Foundation has always been in good standing and reputation.

About Logo

The logo of Sidhpur Foundation depicts people holding hands in a circle, signifying the theme of “people helping people”, cooperation and unity. The logo also depicts a flower signifying the bloom, growth, and progress resulting from cooperation. The logo was designed by Dr. Mywish Karimbhai Maredia, Co-founder of Sidhpur Foundation in 1998. The ownership of logo lies with Sidhpur Foundation USA. It is intended only for the foundation to which it is addressed.