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    Educational development has been identified as the most urgent need of the Sidhpur community. Hence all of the initial programs of the Foundation are focusing on educational development. The lack of awareness, information, advice and financial resources remain the key constraints. To address the educational development issues the Foundation is currently implementing the following programs.

    SidhpurAssist program provides educational development related advice to the community members on an individual basis worldwide.

    SidhpurInteract program conducts educational workshops in cooperation with the community members. The workshops foster interactions among parents, students and professionals. The workshops also serve as a platform to exchange information and education related experiences.

    SidhpurWeb is a website of the Foundation. The website serves as a communication medium to inform the community members about the programs and activities of Sidhpur Foundation.

    SidhpurLink is a newsletter of the Sidhpur Foundation. Through SidhpurLink community members are informed about Foundations activities and achievements. SidhpurLink also provides information related to educational development. If you would like to receive a free copy of the SidhpurLink, please send an email request to info@sidhpurfoundation.org

    SidhpurLoans is a student loan program to provide financial support in the form of low interest loans to bright and needy students of Sidhpur Community worldwide to pursue good quality higher education.
    Click here to download forms and load criteria information.

    SidhpurSavings program encourages and promotes college savings plans for young children in the community. This program provides guidance and useful information on the college savings plans.

    SidhpurNet is an e-mail network of Sidhpur community members. Through SidhpurNet the foundation shares useful information related to educational development. SidhpurNet also recognizes the achievements of students and community members. You can become a member of SidhpurNet by sending an email to info@sidhpurfoundation.org

    Sidhpur Foundation has a unique program for its Sidhpur Community worldwide to boost the level of excellence. Under this program a one-time Merit Award is given to students of Sidhpur Community based on their scores in the SAT, GRE, GMAT tests.Following are the minimum scores to qualify for these Awards:
  • SAT Excellence Award:
  •  1400
  • GRE Excellence Award:
  •  1800
  • GMAT Excellence Award:
  •   600

    SidhpurLeaders program promotes leadership development in youths, and organizes leadership forums to fosters cooperation among Sidhpur community worldwide.

    Sidhpur Foundation was established in August 1997. The goal of Sidhpur Foundation is to improve the educational status of Sidhpur community world wide. Through the assistance, guidance and financial support from Sidhpur Foundation, over 75 students are currently studying or have graduated from over 15 colleges and universities in USA and Canada. The Foundation desires that these students develop a successful professional or business career after they graduate. Practical experience is essential for finding a suitable career opportunity. Internships are becoming a common avenue for gaining real world practical experience and exposure to the working environment. Internships also help in building new contacts and networking.

    Beginning 2003, Sidhpur Foundation is starting a new program to support internships. Initially, at least one intern will be supported in each of the following five areas:

    Internship Areas:

    1.  Sidhpur Foundation paid internship at private companies, financial institutions, or banks in U.S.A or Canada.
    2.  Sidhpur Foundation paid internship at the Aga Khan Development Network Institutions or affiliates worldwide (e.g., Aga Khan Foundation, FOCUS, Aga Khan University, Aga Khan Rural Support Program, etc.).
    3.  Sidhpur Foundation paid internship at a U.S. or Canadian federal or state/provincial government agencies (e.g., White house, Capitol Hill)
    4.  Sidhpur Foundation paid internship at international development organizations (e.g., United Nations, World Bank, USAID, IMF, Private foundations, Non-governmental Organizations, etc.)
    5.  Sidhpur Foundation paid internship at a Sidhpur Community Institutions worldwide (e.g., Aminabad School - Hyderabad; Royal Dairy - Karachi, Sidhpur Foundation - USA, Girls Hostel – Sidhpur, etc.)

    In addition, Sidhpur Foundation will help facilitate identification of candidates for the Pioneer Credit Union (PMCU) paid internship at PMCU head quarters in Houston, Texas.

    The SF paid internships will be up to 3 months period with a stipend of up to U.S. $1,000 per month paid to an intern towards a partial or full support of his/her time as an intern in the U.S. or Canada. Stipend for internships based overseas will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the cost of living and other travel related expenses.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    1.  Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students from the Sidhpur community studying in the U.S. and Canada.
    2.  Internship awards will be given on a competitive and merit basis. Applicant must have a minimum grade point average (cumulative GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    3.  The undergraduate students must have completed at least two years of college/university education and must be classified as a junior or senior.
    4.  International students must obtain an official approval from their college/university to do an internship.
    5.  Applicants must be enrolled in his/her degree program in the semester following the internship and complete his/her degree program.
    6.  Students have to find a suitable internship opportunity on their own with a reputable organization/company.
    7.  Students who have been awarded SF paid internship are not eligible to apply for the second time.
    8.  Students requesting partial or matching support will be given preference.

    Application procedure:

    Application form must be submitted to Sidhpur Foundation office by January 31 each year. Application forms can be obtained by contacting Sidhpur Foundation via e-mail at: info@sidhpurfoundation.org or can be downloaded from the SF website: click here

    Application must accompany following documents:
    1.  Transcript showing the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
    2.  One page statement of purpose explaining how internship will help develop a professional or business career.
    3.  One-page Resume (Curriculum Vitae).

    Awards will be announced by March 1.

    Educational Study Tours to the Universities in the United States One of the goals of the programs of Sidhpur Foundation is to promote excellence in education. Good quality educational institutions are located across the United States and worldwide. Beginning 2003, Sidhpur Foundation will initiate a new program called Educational Study Tours. The goal of this program is to provide exposure to high school students and college going students to good universities located across the United States. This program will help open new opportunities and broaden the horizons for good quality education.

    The Purpose of Study tour Program:
    The main purpose of these study tours is to provide the opportunity for students to visit and interact with admission officers of various universities. The goal of this novel program is to open up new opportunities and horizons for higher education at good universities all over the United States. The Program offers an individuals opportunity to network

    What: SF Educational Camp & Youth Forum is a new program that provides students and parents with detailed information about specific facets of their education in a camp-like setting. This year's camp is focused on the college admission facet of an individual’s academic career.
    Why: SF Educational Camp & Youth Forum is being implemented to meet the following objectives:
      1.  Provide structured resources and guidance to high-school going students to help them maximize their collegiate potential.
      2.  Expose Sidhpur community youths to the programs and activities of AKEB and make them better equipped to reap the benefits of AKEB’s programs.
      3.  Expose Sidhpur community youths to students and professionals from diverse careers and thus enable them to make informed career choices early in their collegiate life.
      4.  Provide networking opportunities amongst high school, college going and professional youth of Sidhpur community in USA.
      5.  Develop exemplary role models and leaders within the Sidhpur community.
    Who: SF Educational Camp & Youth Forum is open to high-school students of the Sidhpur community who are in 10th and 11th grade during the 2003-2004 academic year. Due to the anticipated popularity of the program and in order to ensure quality during the first implementation, a maximum participant count has been capped at 50.
    Selection criteria: a.  Minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0
      b.  Eldest sibling in the family will be given preference
      c.  Only one participant per family
      d.  Students with leadership potential
      e.  Students whose parents are not educated in the U.S. system of education

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