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Loan Documents
All the documents have been recently revised. Please make sure that you are using the latest revised version.

  Loan Criteria

  Fillable Loan Application Form (DOC)

  Loan Application Form

  Loan Guarantor's Agreement (Public Notary required)

  Promissory Note (Public Notary required)

  Terms and Conditions of Scholarship Awards

Top Universities and Colleges (USA and Canada Only)
Please download the list of Top Colleges and Universities from USA and Canada (to meet eligibility criteria for SF Loan to pursue Graduate and Undergraduate Degree) by clicking on the links below.

  Top 100 Colleges in USA (PDF)

  Top 50 Colleges in USA (PDF)

  Top 15 Canadanian Universities (PDF)

College Preparation Material
Please download the following files for more information.

 High School "TO DO" List (PDF)

Important College Preparation Links (DOC)

Admissions Activity (PPT)

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